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Financial Strategist

Director of Planning

Being born and raised in Grand Prairie, TX, Doug opened his first business—a photography studio—on Main St. when he was only 25 years old.  Over twenty years later in January of 2009, Doug transitioned into his second successful business with his college planning practice.  This second venture was partially born out of the idea that he needed to know how to play the college “game” for his own two daughters. 

Doug refers to college planning as a “game” in his public workshop in order to convey the concept that the advantage of any game goes to the player who more fully understands the rules and strategies.  Over the past decade, he has not only studied the rules, but has to keep up with the countless changes to those rules in order to keep the playing field level for his clients.  Doug’s college knowledge helps families pay wholesale instead of retail for college regardless of income.  (Most of his clients do NOT qualify for income-based grants or scholarships.)


As he says, his job is not to play the game for his clients, but to show them how the game is played so they can play it to their advantage. Strategy is the key. That’s also his financial philosophy.  Doug believes that there’s more opportunity in avoiding losses than there is picking winners.  It’s not about hitting home-runs but minimizing strikeouts.

Since beginning his practice, Doug has given his INSIGHTS to over 9,000 families through his public workshops on how the college “game” works.  He has personally helped more than 425 families through the college financial journey showing them how they CAN fund college without blindly taking out student/parent loans or draining their savings or investments when they believed those were their only options.

Doug Bryan holds a Series 65 securities license* as well as a life license that can come into play when setting up a strategy to put his clients in a stronger position financially.  Since many financial strategies are long term, Doug works with most families well beyond the college years.

Civically, Doug has been active in the Grand Prairie Metro Rotary Club for 28 years, Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce for 27 years and is a life long member and current elder at First Presbyterian Church, Grand Prairie.

On the personal side, he and his wife Sue are enjoying life as empty nesters.  Their oldest daughter graduated (on time) from Southwestern University in 2017.  That same year, their youngest daughter started at Oklahoma City University and is also on track for finishing on time.  (For the record, the Bryans paid “wholesale” for these two private universities—less than the cost of a state school.)


Educational Consultant

When Doug and Sue opened their college planning practice back in 2009, Sue relished the idea of working with students once again.  She had been a schoolteacher when they first married up to the time they had their first daughter.  Then she enjoyed raising her two daughters as a stay-at-home mom.

But once a teacher, always a teacher.  Over the years she stayed active as a church teacher, girl scout leader, PTA president and even a substitute teacher when the girls were older.

Sue has a passion for working with students as well as the knowledge of what colleges are looking for on applications and in essays.  Sue not only successfully guides her students through the admissions process, but she also helps students figure out what they want to do career-wise. 

It’s this career guidance combined with her college admissions strategies that not only can save a family a ton of money, but more importantly, reduce the stress and anxiety that is so common during this process. 

As Doug tells parents, one of the big benefits of Sue working with their student is simply that, “She’s not you!” 

As you’re aware, students listen to other adults much better than their own parents. 

When Sue is not working with students, she enjoys crafting projects with inspiration from Pinterest, organizing fellowship events at church, organizing dorm rooms and apartments for her daughters, guiding her daughters into “adulting” as well as getting together with friends to play cards.


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