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Financial Positioning

Positioning for College

While most professionals in financial services subscribe to an approach that addresses college planning as a savings issue, Doug focuses on identifying strategies that leverage your unique situation to help you save ON college cost. He takes into consideration topics like:

  • specialized college planning strategies for business owners
  • specialized strategies for high income/high net worth families
  • planning to maximize need-based financial aid
  • strategic coordination of contributions from grandparents
  • cash-flow strategies and multiple options for covering shortfalls

To summarize Doug’s role: After sharing strategies on how to lower out-of-pocket costs as much as possible, he then develops a plan to fund the remaining share that is the most

  • Interest efficient
  • Tax efficient
  • Cash flow efficient and
  • Financial aid efficient

…way possible.

With strategic planning, families are able to send their kids to college without getting buried in student/parent loans and stay on track for retirement. That’s what serious college planning is all about.


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