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Q: What do you do that a school counselor doesn't?

School counselors can be a great resource to students but sadly they are stretched thin and do not have the ability to address the financial needs of the family. Seeking the advice of an advisor is somewhat like paying a tax consultant to make sure you don't overpay for things you don't need to. To truly help a family through this process you MUST look at both sides of the issue, the student's preparation and planning as well as the family's financial goals and ability to pay.

Q: What is your approach to working with families as they begin the college admission process?

We believe it is critical to customize the process to the needs of each individual family while keeping in mind their challenges as well. That is why we spend valuable time getting to know our clients. We believe that working as a team is critical to finding the best fit for every client.

Q: When should we start working with a college counselor?

Colleges are only able to see the first three years (9th, 10th & 11th grades) of academics, extracurriculars, and more when evaluating applicants. Most people do not realize the time commitment in research and planning that it takes to prepare for the college admissions process. Also, the implications of a family’s financial situation begin in the tax year that starts January of the student’s sophomore year in high school that will be used for the financial aid forms. Example, the Class of 2021 will use the 2019 tax return to file the FAFSA for the freshman year in college. So, starting early is key! Although, we work with families in all stages of the process.

Q: Can you work with clients outside of the DFW area?

Yes! We use Zoom and other online resources to meet students or parents virtually to provide one-on-one services. Whether you live outside the area or just need to accommodate a busy schedule we are happy to take advantage of technology to meet the needs of your family. The tools necessary to make this accommodation is a computer--not a phone or tablet--and a webcam.

Q: Do you guarantee admission to colleges or universities?

We do not. No educational consultant can ethically guarantee admission to any school. Since Inisght College and Financial Solutions abides by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Code of Ethics, you can be confident that our company maintains the highest standards of integrity and practice in order to best serve our clients. However, we make every effort to help our clients create a college list and position themselves where he/she might receive admissions, unfortunately we cannot see into the future. As you know, college admissions change every year and some colleges can experience huge increases in applications based on a variety of factors.

Q: Do you provide tutoring for SAT and ACT?

Yes, we’ve partnered with an online test prep solution that allows your child to improve his/her test scores over time, and at their own pace. Our students have seen significant improvement in both their SAT and ACT scores after working with our online platform. We coach our students in finding out which test is going to be the best fit for their academic strengths. We also work with students to create a testing calendar and study plan.

Q: I make six figures. Is there anything to be done to save money on college?

Actually the majority of our clients do not qualify for "need-based" financial aid. Need-based aid is only one part of reducing your out-of-pocket costs on college.

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