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How to Pay for College - Fundraising Details

How to Earn Up To $1,000 (or more!)

How to Earn Up To $1,000 (or more!)

We refer to this as The Easiest Fundraiser Ever. All you have to do is put out the word that you're hosting a parent class called "How to Pay For College Without Going Broke". You'll likely have the largest attendance of the year--for a meeting that doesn't include a meal or a student performance.

We even supply the social media posts/flyers to help you get the word out.

For each parent who attends, we will donate $25 to your group. That means if as few 40 parents (or 20 couples) show up, you get the full $1,000. You will receive a check at the end of the event...regardless of whether parents take any action.

How is that for easy? :)

AND you can potentially raise more money...we will offer to meet with parents at a discounted rate of $95. That $95 is paid directly to your group--if you have a way of capturing credit cards. Otherwise we'll use our swiper and cut a check before leaving. There is no cap on this option.

Afterwards, you get whichever amount is greater--$25 per parent, OR $95 per meeting scheduled. (But not both...that would be 'too good to be true')