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How to Pay for College Without Going Broke - Parent Class

A Completely Different "Fundraiser"

A Completely Different "Fundraiser"

Why is FUNDRAISER in quotes?

Because with this entertaining, yet highly informative class, your group can raise up to $1,000 without any parents opening their wallet. All you do is host a meeting. 

"SO...What's the catch? It's a sales pitch, right?"

NO. This is a 70 minute class that reveals that the college admissions and financial aid process is a "game". Once parents understand the rules, they can begin playing the "game" to their advantage. Regardless if their income is $50,000 or $500,000, parents discover they can pay wholesale instead of retail for college.

For the past 14 years, we've been teaching this class at many of the same schools--year in and year out. We keep getting invited back due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and the actionable, ROCK-SOLID information and strategies they receive during the class.

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Full disclosure:

At the end of the class, I offer to meet with parents one-on-one. Obviously there's no obligation.  Historically, several take me up on this offer. From there a few will be likely be a good fit and will engage our services.

FYI: I also market these classes successfully using paid social media and renting a venue. My marketing costs are between $1,000 and $2,000. I get the very similar results.

Does that make sense as to why this isn't 'too good to be true'? I can support your organization, or Facebook/Instagram.

Organization limits on fundraisers - Good news!

Most school groups have a limit on the number of fundraisers they can do. This class is not advertised as a fundraiser, but as a parent meeting. Since neither parents nor students have to sell anything, most groups have found that they do not need to include this educational event in that tally. The donation on my part is just a bonus. :)